tweet, chirp, meow what am I doing?

Twitter.. working... drinking coffee... nothing... everything.. something.. not a lot.. humming... just hanging... going nuts... actually I'm Twitter-ing © Mazeguy... what are you doing?

The other day I stumbed across Twitter, it's said to be the next big thing to hit our online social lives.. it's not some new fangled way to manage our days or make our lives just a little less complicated, it's actually a friends tool... it helps you keep up to date with your friends, how they are, what they are doing etc and all without actually having any contact with them whatsoever.. unless of course you want to © Mazeguy... and as ppl are reporting the Public timeline is completely addictive, a really great read is this article Twitter The Missing Messenger © Mazeguy

I figured Twitter would be a one hit wonder for me... but it's actually quite the opposite... © Mazeguy

Like most ppl, I have very limited free time, if something is not directly in front of me chances are I will forget about or add it to my to-do list then forget about it as it starts to drown in masses of unintelligible text but Twitter has the right idea as there are so many ways you can't help but keep your twitter up to date, you can do it via your browser once logged into Twitter...

that doesnt worked for me though as I rarely have a spare tab that I can keep open for regular twitterings... and it's at this point that the pure genious of Twitter kicks into gear.

If browser based updating doesn't work for you then never fear.. you can update your Twitter via your mobile phone (yes it even works from New Zealand), via Instant Messenger (currently supports AIM, GTalk, Jabber) .Mac and LiveJournal and if that isn't enough... if you're a Mac user then you can't go past Twitterrific © Mazeguy

"Twitterrific is a fun little application that lets you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website. The application's user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac's desktop."

It really is quite brilliant and it's what I use to update my Twitter account © Mazeguy

If you opt for unprotected Updates you might stumble across your entries on the front page of Twitter or the Public timeline ...

Then... to help you spread your Twitterings and keep up to date with your friends, you can grab some Twitter Badges. Once logged in, you will find a small (but perfect) range of badges for your website / blog etc, I like the flash one (shown the right) but it's a little too big for my very brief twitters which don't generally hit anywhere near 140 characters, there's a (configurable) javascript version and also a friends display list which is kinda cool, but the one that grabbed my attention was the friends timeline (shown below), as you can edit it to suit and it also (if permissions allow) show your friends twitters as well... go check out Twitter... if only to check out the Public Timeline which is always good for a giggle © Mazeguy

Twitter Links:
Public Timeline:
Great Twitter The Missing Messenger

Our Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin:

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