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I'm a t-shirt girl, always have been and whenever it's possible I'll wear them to work, if I remember I'll even twitpic (twitpic: coffee_bee) the t-shirt of the day:

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My t-shirt addiction was set firmly in place by who are my preferred t-shirt provider, I have a stack of their offerings that date back quite a few years now, I suspect some would even be classed "modern vintage" ;)  but it's their latest offering that caused me the grin from ear to ear...

The latest offering, i'm tweeting this, from ThinkGeek available for guys / unisex and gals.


You can, of course, follow @ThinkGeek on twitter

@ThinkGeek has a New T-Shirt Just for Twits

"In the online world, we're all about taking language and mucking with it. Fortunately, the era of appending the letters E or I to the beginning of every word has passed, and now we're on to the decade of optional vowels and reclaiming words to make them mean something entirely different. That's what Twitter is all about. It's appropriate; at only 140 characters it only allows users to warble a bit before they're silent again, much like a songbird going on about its mating rituals and what's for lunch."

Needless to say it my wish list PDQ

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